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SET Image:MenulabelZZ.png
F1 8J File:Menulabel 8J.png
F2 8K File:Menulabel 8K.png
F3 8L File:Menulabel 8L.png
F4 8M File:Menulabel 8M.png
F5 8N File:Menulabel 8N.png
F6 8O File:Menulabel 8O.png
F7 8P File:Menulabel 8P.png
F8 8Q File:Menulabel 8Q.png
F9 8R File:Menulabel 8R.png
F10 8S File:Menulabel 8S.png
F11 8T File:Menulabel 8T.png
F12 8U File:Menulabel 8U.png
Backspace 9X File:Menulabel 9X.png
TAB 7H File:Menulabel 7H.png
RETURN 7I File:Menulabel 7I.png
Enter (Numeric pad) 7Q File:Menulabel 7Q.png
Enter mak (alpha pad) 7R File:Menulabel 7R.png
Enter make and break (alpha pad) 7S File:Menulabel 7S.png
ESC 7J File:Menulabel 7J.png
Arrow down 7K File:Menulabel 7K.png
Arrow up 7L File:Menulabel 7L.png
Arrow right 7M File:Menulabel 7M.png
Arrow left 7N File:Menulabel 7N.png
<DEL> 7T File:Menulabel 7T.png
<INSERT> VQ File:Menulabel VQ.png
<HOME> VR File:Menulabel VR.png
<END> VS File:Menulabel VS.png
Page up 7O File:Menulabel 7O.png
Page down 7P File:Menulabel 7P.png
Left <Shift> 7U File:Menulabel 7U.png
Left <Ctrl> 7W File:Menulabel 7W.png
Left <Alt> 7Y File:Menulabel 7Y.png
Right <Shift> 7V File:Menulabel 7V.png
Right <Ctrl> 7X File:Menulabel 7X.png
Right <Alt> 7Z File:Menulabel 7Z.png
CAPSLOCK 9S File:Menulabel 9S.png
END Image:MenulabelZZ.png
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