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The following options optimise the reader for different label qualities. The specific options supported are dependent on the reader hardware. Experiment with these options to get optimum reading performance.

The option "filter ON" improves the reading of low density labels and labels with reduced printing quality.

Scan rate:
The option "scan rate LOW" improves the reading of high density labels together with a reduced power consumption.

The option "high density" improves the reading of labels at a near distance and reading high density labels.

The option "gain HIGH" improves the reading of low contrast labels and high density labels.

See figure 5.02.


See figure 5.03.


SET Image:MenulabelZZ.png
Filter ON X4 File:Menulabel X4.png
Filter OFF X5 File:Menulabel X5.png
Filter alternating ON / OFF X6 File:Menulabel X6.png
Scan rate high TJ File:Menulabel TJ.png
Scan rate low TK File:Menulabel TK.png
Scan rate alternating high/low TL File:Menulabel TL.png
Digitizer normal TM File:Menulabel TM.png
Digitiser high density TN File:Menulabel TN.png
Digitiser alternating normal/high TO File:Menulabel TO.png
Gain normal TP File:Menulabel TP.png
Gain high TQ File:Menulabel TQ.png
Gain alternating normal/high TR File:Menulabel TR.png
END Image:MenulabelZZ.png
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