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With this option the reader can decode bar codes that have smaller start and/or end margins than specified for the symbology. Be careful when using this option. It may increase the possibility of partial reads and ghost reads. Do not use smaller margin checks then necessary. If possible replace the bar code labels by ones that have correct start and end margins.

SET Image:MenulabelZZ.png
No margin check YN File:Menulabel YN.png
Margin check 1/7 nominal YO File:Menulabel YO.png
Margin check 2/7 nominal YP File:Menulabel YP.png
Margin check 3/7 nominal YQ File:Menulabel YQ.png
Margin check 4/7 nominal YR File:Menulabel YR.png
Margin check 5/7 nominal YS File:Menulabel YS.png
Margin check 6/7 nominal YT File:Menulabel YT.png
Margin check normal YU File:Menulabel YU.png
END Image:MenulabelZZ.png
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