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For CCD readers without a trigger switch the LEDs may be pulsed to reduce power consumption. If this option is selected the LEDs will flash until the reader is reading a bar code. The LEDs will remain on as long as the reader detects a bar code.

For some CCD readers the LEDs may be placed in a low power mode to reduce power consumption. If this option is selected the LEDs will emit less light which will reduce the depth of field.

For some RS232 readers the RS232 interface may be placed in a stand by mode to reduce power consumption. If this option is selected, the RS232 outputs from the reader are in a high impedance state when the reader is not transmitting. The reader can not receive RS232 commands when this option is selected.

The motor options are only applicable for selected laser bar code readers and with trigger enabled. In case the read time is expired, the motor can be switched OFF. In case the trigger is activated, the motor is switched ON again. To reduce the start-up time of the motor, the motor can be configured to half speed in idle mode. The Auto shutoff time can be configured between 1 and 9999 seconds, by reading 1 up to 4 direct input numeric characters from chapter: String options. A value of 0 (default) means that the bar code reader enters the idle state if the read time has expired.

SET Image:MenulabelZZ.png
LEDs continuous S5 File:Menulabel S5.png
LEDs pulsed S6 File:Menulabel S6.png
LEDs low power disabled VX File:Menulabel VX.png
LEDs low power enabled VW File:Menulabel VW.png
RS232 low power stand by disabled S4 File:Menulabel S4.png
RS232 low power stand by enabled S3 File:Menulabel S3.png
END Image:MenulabelZZ.png
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