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Usually bar codes are printed black on white, but sometimes white on black. These labels are called positive and negative respectively. In case the "negative bar codes" option has been selected, positive labels may not be decoded anymore or with difficulty. This also applies to menu labels. To enable the reader to read positive labels again, a number of negative menu labels have been included.

SET Image:MenulabelZZ.png
Positive bar codes V2 File:MenulabelV2.png
Negative bar codes V3 File:MenulabelV3.png
Positive and negative bar codes V4 File:MenulabelV4.png
Positive bar codes V2 File:MenulabelV2r.png
Positive and negative bar codes V4 File:MenulabelV4r.png
SET/END ZZ File:MenulabelZZr.png
END Image:MenulabelZZ.png
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