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Press trigger switch time to connect:
This is the time the trigger switch needs to be pressed where after the reader tries to establish a connection.

Discoverable and connectable:
When the trigger switch is pressed for the configured amount of time, the reader can either establish a connection, or wait for a new incoming connection. When it waits for a connection, the reader is also made discoverable.

SET Image:MenulabelZZ.png
Disabled PC00 File:Menulabel PC00.png
1 second PC01 File:Menulabel PC01.png
2 seconds PC02 File:Menulabel PC02.png
3 seconds PC03 File:Menulabel PC03.png
4 seconds PC04 File:Menulabel PC04.png
5 seconds PC05 File:Menulabel PC05.png
6 seconds PC06 File:Menulabel PC06.png
7 seconds PC07 File:Menulabel PC07.png
8 seconds PC08 File:Menulabel PC08.png
9 seconds PC09 File:Menulabel PC09.png
Trigger to connect BBC File:Menulabel BBC.png
Trigger to make connectable and discoverable BBD File:Menulabel BBD.png
END Image:MenulabelZZ.png
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