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To provide additional security connections, the Bluetooth specification allows you to enable a special security setting, so that a PIN-code is required from the bar code reader in order to establish a connection.

Use "secured" connections
If you want to use "secured" connections:

  • scan enable authentication label
  • scan the PIN-code labels. The PIN-code is a code of 1 to 16 characters. Any personal combination alpha-numeric characters can be used. Read direct input (numeric) characters from the chapter: String options.
  • enable authentication on the host
  • if encryption is required, scan enable encryption labels

Use "unsecured" connections
If you want to use "unsecured" connections:

  • scan disable authentication labels
  • disable authentication on the host
SET Image:MenulabelZZ.png
Set PIN-code label PINS File:Menulabel PINS.png
End PIN-code label PINE File:Menulabel PINE.png
Authentication if not paired AUTO File:Menulabel AUTO.png
Disable authentication AUTD File:Menulabel AUTD.png
Enable authentication AUTE File:Menulabel AUTE.png
Disable encryption ENCD File:Menulabel ENCD.png
Enable encryption ENCE File:Menulabel ENCE.png
END Image:MenulabelZZ.png
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