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To enable the Bluetooth reader to communicate to another Bluetooth device, the Bluetooth address of that device must be configured in the reader.

The Bluetooth address can be found on the other device. Mostly it is displayed on the product label as a 12 digits number or a number with 6 hex digit pairs.

To configure an Opticon Bluetooth bar code reader to connect to a third party Bluetooth dongle, the following steps must be taken:

  • step 1 - retrieve the dongle’s MAC address
  • step 2 - set the reader to connect directly to a computer
  • step 3 - set the MAC address of the dongle in the reader
  • step 4 - establish connection to the Bluetooth module

Example for manually connection and configuration:
Example Step 1.

The following information is retrieved from the dongle s Bluetooth manager:
Dongle make/type: MSI MS6967
Bluetooth Address: 00 04 12 34 AF 56
Secure Connection: Not Required.

Example Step 2.

  • Read the following codes:
    <Connect to PC>

Example Step 3.

Note: when reading the same menu label again, it is necessary to keep the reader away from the menu book for about one second.

  • From this chapter read:
    <Set bluetooth address label>
  • From the chapter Direct input numeric read:
    keep reader away from menu book...
    keep reader away from menu book...
    <4> <1> <2> <3> <4>
  • From the chapter Direct input character read:
    <A> <F>
  • From the chapter Direct input numeric read:
    <5> <6>
  • From this chapter read:
    <End bluetooth address label>

Example Step 4.

  • Read the command label:
    <Manually connect>

Commands for (dis)connection:
In case a Bluetooth address is already configured, the reader can be manually connected or disconnected with the following command labels:

  • connection: <Manually connect>
  • disconnection: <Manually disconnect>
SET Image:MenulabelZZ.png
Set bluetooth address label BDAS File:Menulabel BDAS.png
End bluetooth address label BDAE File:Menulabel BDAE.png
Disable auto connect DIAU File:Menulabel DIAU.png
Enable auto connect ENAU File:Menulabel ENAU.png
Connect to PC CNPC File:Menulabel CNPC.png
Connect to cradle CNCR File:Menulabel CNCR.png
Connect to cradle (USB-HID) CNC2 File:Menulabel CNC2.png
END Image:MenulabelZZ.png
Manually disconnect +-DISC-+ File:Menulabel +-DISC-+.png
Manually connect +-CONN-+ File:Menulabel +-CONN-+.png
Make discoverable and connectable +-DSCO-+ File:Menulabel +-DSCO-+.png
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