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This section contains some specialised keyboard options.

Do not use numpad:
The reader wil emulate the numerical keys on the alpha keypad when transmitting numerical data.

Use numpad:
The reader will emulate the numerical keypad when transmitting numerical data. The NUMLOCK should always be ON when this option has been selected.

Auto NumLock mode:
When selecting this option, the bar code reader automatically uses the correct NumLock state.

This options cancels the CAPSLOCK mode.

This option ensures that data is displayed correctly when the keyboard is normally in CAPSLOCK mode. The keyboard is returned in the CAPSLOCK mode after transmission.

Auto CAPSLOCK mode:
When selecting this option, the transmitted data is displayed correctly, disregarding the CAPSLOCK state.

SET Image:MenulabelZZ.png
Do not use numpad RN File:Menulabel RN.png
Use numpad RM File:Menulabel RM.png
Auto numlock mode /A File:Menulabel /A.png
No CAPSLOCK mode 5Q File:Menulabel 5Q.png
CAPSLOCK mode 8A File:Menulabel 8A.png
Auto CAPSLOCK mode 2U File:Menulabel 2U.png
END Image:MenulabelZZ.png
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