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The intercharacter delay can be used to adapt the reader s data transmission speed to the system. If the transmission speed is too high, the system may not be able to receive all characters. Adjust the intercharacter delay until the data is received correctly.

The default value as well as the actual delay time depend on the terminal type and language selected.

SET Image:MenulabelZZ.png
No delay LA File:Menulabel LA.png
Delay = 1 LB File:Menulabel LB.png
Delay = 2 LC File:Menulabel LC.png
Delay = 3 LD File:Menulabel LD.png
Delay = 4 LE File:Menulabel LE.png
Delay = 5 LF File:Menulabel LF.png
Delay = 6 LG File:Menulabel LG.png
Delay = 7 LH File:Menulabel LH.png
Delay = 8 LI File:Menulabel LI.png
Delay = 9 LJ File:Menulabel LJ.png
Delay = 10 LK File:Menulabel LK.png
END Image:MenulabelZZ.png
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