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Support for these options is reader dependent.

Maximum data capacity:

  • RSS-14 group and RSS limited: Application Identifier "01" and 14 digits.
  • RSS Expanded: 74 numeric or 41 alpha characters

The RSS family uses a mandatory checksum. The RSS-14 group uses a modulo 79 checksum, RSS Limited uses a modulo 89 checksum and RSS Expanded uses a modulo 211 checksum. The checksum is always calculated and is not transmitted.

Encodable characters:

  • RSS-14 group and RSS limited: digits 0 up to 9.
  • RSS Expanded: subset of ISO 646: upper, lower case characters, digits, 20 punctuation characters and function character FNC1.

The next RSS versions are supported:

  • RSS Limited
  • RSS Expanded, Expanded stacked.
  • RSS-14 including truncated, stacked, stacked omni directional

For string format see figure 3.36 or 3.37.

Options for RSS:

  • Transmission of CD
  • Transmission of Application Identifier

Not transmit CD:
Do not transmit the last character of RSS.



SET Image:MenulabelZZ.png
Not transmit CD DM File:Menulabel DM.png
Transmit CD DL File:Menulabel DL.png
Not transmit Application Identifier DT File:Menulabel DT.png
Transmit Application Identifier DS File:Menulabel DS.png
END Image:MenulabelZZ.png
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