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Maxicode is a fixed size matrix symbology with selectable error correction levels.

Maximum data capacity:

  • alphanumeric data: 93 characters
  • numeric data: 138 characters

Symbol size:
28.14mm wide * 26.91mm high (including quiet zones)

Error correction:
2 levels of Reed-Solomon error correction.

Additional features:

  • Extended Channel Interpretation (ECI): support for different character sets and data interpretations.
  • Structured append: represent data in up to 8 Maxicode symbols.

Support for these options is reader dependent. The supported character set and the maximum decodable number of characters, is reader dependent.

Encodable characters:

  • ASCII values 0 - 127 ( ISO 646 )
  • ASCII values 128 - 255 ( ISO 8859-1, Latin alphabet No. 1, extended ASCII )
  • With ECI: many other character sets

For string format see figure 3.44.

Options for Maxicode:

  • Structured append time out: see read mode options.


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