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The IATA code is a variable length symbology with an optional check digit and non printable start/stop characters. The following characters are supported:

  • The digits 0 upto 9

The checksum is calculated as the modulo seven of the data string. IATA is acronym for International Air Transport Association. For string format see figure 3.27.

Options for IATA:

  • Enable check digit check
  • Selection of the check digit calculation
  • Disable transmission of the check digit

Check digit calculation:
If the check digit calculation is required, then the appropriate calculation method must be selected.


SET Image:MenulabelZZ.png
Not check CD 4H File:Menulabel 4H.png
Check FC and S/N only 4I File:Menulabel 4I.png
Check SPN, FC and S/N 4J File:Menulabel 4J.png
Check SPN, AC, FC and S/N 4K File:Menulabel 4K.png
Transmit CD 4L File:Menulabel 4L.png
Not transmit CD 4M File:Menulabel 4M.png
END Image:MenulabelZZ.png
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