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CC-A is a modified MicroPDF417 version.
CC-B is standard MicroPDF417.
CC-C is standard PDF417.

Maximum data capacity:

  • CC-A: 56 characters
  • CC-B: 338 characters
  • CC-C: 2361 characters

Symbol size:

  • 1D part: see RSS and EAN codes.
  • Composite part: CC-A and CC-B same as MicroPDF417, CC-C same as PDF417.

Error correction:

  • 1D part: only error detection.
  • Composite part: Reed Solomon error correction.

Encodable characters:

  • ASCII values 0 - 127 ( ISO 646 )
  • ASCII values 128 - 255 ( ISO 8859-1, Latin alphabet No. 1, extended ASCII ).
  • With ECI: many other character sets.

For string format of composite codes see figure 3.38 or 3.39 or 3.40.

Options for Composite codes:

  • enable composite code
  • ignore link flag
  • output mode

For string format of composite codes, see figure 3.41.





SET Image:MenulabelZZ.png
Not ignore composite link flag RQ File:Menulabel RQ.png
Ignore composite link flag RP File:Menulabel RP.png
Disable Composite on RSS BHF File:Menulabel BHF.png
Enable Composite on RSS BHE File:Menulabel BHE.png
As a single component, only 1D component is allowed BL0 File:Menulabel BL0.png
As a single component, only 2D component is allowed BL1 File:Menulabel BL1.png
As a single component, only 1D+2D component is allowed BL2 File:Menulabel BL2.png
END Image:MenulabelZZ.png
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