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OPH 1000
OPH 1000
Scan engine MSL 1100
OS version XBA
Communication IrDA 1.2
SDK doc OPH_1000_SDK
Compiler suite WinARM C compiler

The OPH1000 is a small hand held terminal with an additional Flash Disk for data storage, in addition to the RAM disk.


OS Upgrade

You OPH1000's OS can be upgraded using Appload. After the OS is uploaded, the OPH1000 does not reset. To do this manually, the battery has to be taken out of the terminal and put back in. Optionally the terminal responds with a question to format the RAM disk. Answer yes to this question.


Unresolved symbol _sbrk_r()

When an application does compile, but the linker gives these error messages, you are likely to use floating point functions like atof(). The OPH does not have support for these kind of functions.

If the linker also gives messages on _read_r, _write_r, _close_r and _lseek_r, you probably used the function fileno().

Also it is highly discouraged to use floating point operations because of their memory size and processor intensive calculations. Most of the time a floating point can easily be replaced by a fixed point data type, like a struct with two integers (one for the integer part and one for the fractional part).

Screen updates are slow

The function vprintf() is very slow. Please consider using printf() instead.

OPH keeps restarting fast and freezes

When the OPH keeps restarting fast (green LED blinking fast) and finally freezes, there is an alignment issue with the startup code.

There are two ways to resolve this issue:

  1. change the Makefile: the line that combines all object files lists the object.o as last, make this the first object and re-make the target
  2. use the latest startup.o file

"obj" was unexpected at this time

When you try to compile an application, and you get similar output as below:


ECHO is off.
-------- begin ---------
"obj" was unexppected at this time.
c:\WinARM\utils\bin\make.exe: *** [begin] Error 255


In this case the PATH environment variable is not set correctly. Please make sure that the PATH contains the entries: C:\WinARM\bin;C:\WinARM\utils\bin


Known accessories for these range of products are:

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