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H 21
H 21
Scan engine MDL 2000
MDI 2000
OS version Windows Mobile 6.5
Communication Bluetooth
User expandable by Micro SDIO
SDK doc H 21 BCR SDK
Compiler suite Microsoft Visual Studio .NET

The H 21 is a product of Opticon. The product is a PDA-like device containing Windows Mobile 6.5, featuring a numeric or qwerty keyboard and touch screen. The product exists in 4 variants. The A version contains a 1D laser scan engine, whereas the B version contains a 2D autofocus scan engine. Both versions contain a GSM/GPRS/UMTS/HSDPA unit inside. Additionally, a AGPS receiver and an IrDA adapter are embedded as well. The device also has a 3.2 Megapixel camera available on all versions.

General configuration of the device can be found at the Windows Mobile Configuration page.



Where can the Software Version be found on this device?

Please go to Settings -> Device Information -> Tab "Version"
The Software Version can be found at the item "ROM version"

Where can the Barcode Software Version be found on this device?

Please go to Start -> Settings -> System -> Scanner Settings -> Tab "Information"
The Firmware version can be found at the item "Firmware version"

Newest OS version available

The newest (English) OS version available is 5.581.01.WWE.RNGER2.20110104. To determine which OS version is needed, check the software version of the device.

How do I soft-reset the device?

Use the stylus to press the button behind the hole at the left side of the device.

How do I hard reset the device?

First remove the back lid and the battery and return the lock that keeps the lid in place back in the position as if the back lid would be on. Then keep both the POWER + Capture + End keys pressed while inserting the battery.

Power key = the red key on the top of the device. End key = the key with the red phone icon on it. Capture key = the one on the right side of the end key, It has a camera icon on it.

If performed right, the device will shake and boot the white start-up H21 screen. After a few seconds you get a Warning message, press YES to clean boot:

- for H21 numeric keypad: use the button that's above the F2 key for YES and the button above F3 for NO;

- for H21 qwerty keypad: use the button that's above the F1 key for YES and the button above F2 for NO.

Firmware Upgrade

ActiveSync Method

This process requires a Windows PC with either ActiveSync version 4.5 (for XP) or Windows Mobile Device Center (for Vista and 7). Request the latest firmware for your H21 from the support department.

  • * Install a battery of at least 30% charge
  • * Power on your H21
  • * Connect the H21 to the PC via USB cables
Note: it is recommended not to use a USB hub and to connect directly to a USB port on the back of the PC as appropriate
  • * Wait for ActiveSync or WMDC to display 'connected'
  • * Launch the Firmware Upgrade Utility you requested previously
  • * Check the box on the first screen and select 'Next'
  • * Wait for the Utility to check your USB connection and battery life and then select 'Next'
You may check the box to 'Format extended partition' at your discretion. This does not affect the OS upgrade process, only formats the 'Disk On Chip' portion of the hard drive
  • * The Utility will reboot the H21 into a firmware upgrade mode and proceed to upgrade the firmware
  • * The 'Cancel' button will change to 'Finish' when the Utility has finished its part of the process.
You must still wait for the H21 to boot to the Windows Mobile Initial Setup dialog before the upgrade is complete.
You may disconnect USB but do not power off the H21 or remove the battery for any reason.
  • * The firmware upgrade is complete when you see the following text on screen. You will hear two beeps from the H21 while it is loading. On the second you should see this text.
Tap the screen to set up your
Windows® phone

SD Card Method

This process requires a micro SD card up to and including 16GB capacity.

  • * Request the latest firmware for your specific H21 from the support department
  • * Copy the firmware files to a blank micro SD card. The firmware files must be uncompressed (unzipped) before copying to the SD card. There are many files in the 'flash' download. All must be copied to the SD card for the installation to be successful.
  • * Power off our H21.
  • * Install the SD card into the H21. Note that there is a slide lock for the SD card door inside the battery compartment that must be unlock before the door will open. It is recommended to lock this door during the upgrade process. when properly inserted the contacts on the SD card will be facing the front of the device.
  • * Insert a battery with at least 30% charge and close the battery door. Both the slide and turn lock must be engaged for the upgrade to proceed.
  • * Make sure the H21 is not connected to the AC adapter or to a PC via USB.
  • * While holding the keys <capture>, <right scan> and <volume down> press and hold the power key.
The capture key is on the right side of the phone with an icon of a camera on it. The right scan key is just above the capture key. The volume down key is the portion of the double-button on the left side of the phone that is closest to the left scan key.
  • * It takes only a second for the firmware upgrade screen to load. This is a black screen with bluish text. It takes only a minute or two for the firmware upgrade to complete.
  • The process is done when you see the following text on the screen. This will be spelled out very large at the bottom of the screen.
  • * Using the stylus press the reset switch on the left side of the device. If the device does not reboot automatically simply press te power key at the top of the device.
  • * The firmware upgrade is complete when you see the following text on screen. You will hear two beeps from the H21 while it is loading. On the second you should see this text.
Tap the screen to set up your
Windows® phone

How do I set up a GPRS connection?

Make sure you have a SIM card inserted in the H21 when you boot it up. When Windows start it will ask to input a PIN. Enter the pin of your SIM card and you should see a 3G icon appear on the connectivity status.

To go on the internet using GPRS you first have to set up a connection. To do so go to Start > Settings > Connections > Connections and follow these steps:

- Select "Add a new modem connection" (under My ISP).
- Input a connection name.
- Select "Cellular Line (GPRS)" as a modem and press next.
- Input the "Access point name" (given by the telephone provider) and press next.
- now you ahve to input User name, Password and Domain. (given by provider, Domain is not always used) and press Finish.

Now you are finshed and you can start Internet Explorer. If you go to a website the H21 will connect to your GPRS modem and you are able to browse the internet.

NOTE: Please verify to avoid USB connections. In that case, the Internet connection could be unavailable, due to Windows Mobile Policy. In case of connection with the USB power supply, everything will work fine.

What about the IrDa port?

Regarding the IrDa port, RAW mode is supported. You have to activate it using the EscapeCommFunction, on the COM Port #4. And there is no echo after sending data.

My H21 does not detect my Wireless Lan!

The Regulatory settings have to be the same on the Access Point and on the device. Please go to Start-> Wifi Utility-> Regulatory and select the Area in which you are operating with your Access Point and H21.


What is the battery lifetime of the device?

- Standby time has been tested to be greater than 1 week. - If you have the wifi module active and enter power save mode with LCM backlight level -3, the lifetime will be 17 hours.

What is the charge time of the batteries?

AC/USB adaptor : 5 hours USB cable : 9 hours

What is the maximum life cycle of the battery?

500 cycles (3060mAh)

How long can data be maintained with the backup battery?

After the main battery is removed it will maintain the data for over 5 minutes.

What are the environmental specs of the H21?

Operating Temperature:

-10 to +50 degree C (upto 90% RH)

Storage Temperature:

-40 to +60 degree C (upto 90% RH)

What are the COM port functions?

COM 4 = Irda COM 5 = BCR COM 9 = GPS

Which GPS chipset is embedded in the device?

H21 uses a QualComm GpsOne Card.


How can I programmatically access the camera button of the H21?

It is possible to programmatically use the camera button by uising the Microsoft own tools, see this link for reference


Known accessories for this product are

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