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When using the DD6000 in a DD6000 decoder network, no data is received at the host

  1. . Make sure the network cabling is according to the DD6000 controller manual. If the wires and not connected correctly, the network will not work.
  2. . Make sure the controller communication settings matches the DD6000 settings.
  3. . Make sure the host uses the controller's communication protocol as configured by the controller. For test purposes, you can set the controller to free running mode (no protocol).
  4. . Make sure each of the DD6000 decoders has it's own unique station ID.
  5. . When more then one decoder is used in the network, disconnect all decoders, except station 1. Try if you get data from station one by reading a bar code. If yes, connect station 2 to the network, and check if you get data from station 2. If you do not get data from station 2, reconfigure the station ID of station 2. and try again. If it does not solve the problem, try a different DD6000 and check again. If this does also not solve the problem, connect station 1 to the connection of station 2. If the problem persists, the is probably a cabling problem.
  6. . Continue this procedure until all stations are working good.

Tip: When settings up the network, always start with one DD6000 and test if this decoder works good. If yes, connect the second DD6000 and check the operation of decoder 1 and 2, etc....

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