CRD 9723 RU

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CRD 9723 RU
CRD 9723 RU
Terminal communication IrDA
Host communication RS232
Charge capable Terminal
DC plug N/A
Power supply 6 Volt, 2 Ampere
Configuration DIP-switches

The CRD 9723 RU is a cradle for the OPL 97xx series data collectors.

Starting from serial number 38208, the InfraRed window is equipped with an additional prism in order to make the cradle suitable to be used in combination with the PX 25.

Power supply

The CRD 9723 RU requires an external power supply, rated at 6V 2A.

The communication part of the CRD 9723 RU can be powered by USB only. However, it will not charge the battery of the OPL 97xx inside the cradle.


The CRD 9723 RU communicates with InfraRed (SIR) to the OPL 9700.

The CRD 9723 RU communicates with the host using RS232C or USB-VCP. For the USB interface a driver for Microsoft Windows or MacOS-X is required. This driver will create COM port on the PC or a /dev/tty.usbserial-xxx device on the Mac.


The CRD 9723 RU can be configured using DIP-switches.

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