VLM 5000

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VLM 5000
VLM 5000
Light source Laser diode
Wave length 650 nm
Sensor type Photo transistor
Scan method Vibrating mirror
Scan speed 33 scans per second
Scan direction bidirectional
Scan angle 42°

The VLM 5000 series scan engines are long range laser scanners.


Product name

The product name is constructed in the following way:

VLM 5a0b, where:

  • a: scan range (standard/medium/long)
  • b: output signal type (digital/analog)


undecoded decoded scan speed scan angle
digitized out analog out serial communication (scans / second) (degrees)
std range VLM 5000 VLM 5001 MDL 3000 33 42
mid range VLM 5100 VLM 5101 MDL 3100 36 23
long range VLM 5200 VLM 5201 MDL 3200 40 13

Incorporated into the following products

VLM 5000

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