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The length of the period that the reader is ON after the trigger switch is pressed, or (in multiple or continuous read mode) after a label has been read. Selecting a read time of 0 means that the reader will stay ON as long as the trigger switch is being pressed. Selecting a read time for readers without a trigger switch, or when the trigger switch is disabled, does not have any effect.

SET Image:MenulabelZZ.png
0 seconds Y0 File:Menulabel Y0.png
1 second Y1 File:Menulabel Y1.png
2 seconds Y2 File:Menulabel Y2.png
3 seconds Y3 File:Menulabel Y3.png
4 seconds Y4 File:Menulabel Y4.png
5 seconds Y5 File:Menulabel Y5.png
6 seconds Y6 File:Menulabel Y6.png
7 seconds Y7 File:Menulabel Y7.png
8 seconds Y8 File:Menulabel Y8.png
9 seconds Y9 File:Menulabel Y9.png
Read time x 10 YL File:Menulabel YL.png
Indefinitely YM File:Menulabel YM.png
END Image:MenulabelZZ.png
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