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Activation levels:
In order to reduce the power consumption it is possible to set the activity rate of the reader. The default setting is 'Active', meaning that the reader will continuously check for communication. By setting the level to a certain time the reader will reduce activity and check for communication only at the set time.

Auto disconnect:
Power consumption can also be reduced by auto disconnect settings as described in the chapters: Auto disconnect options and Auto reconnect options.

IEEE 801.15.4 power saving:
IEEE 801.15.4 based readers change the antenna output power instead of changing the activity rate. See figure 2.08.


SET Image:MenulabelZZ.png
Level 0 LV00 File:Menulabel LV00.png
Level 1 300 slots, 187.5 ms LV01 File:Menulabel LV01.png
Level 2 500 slots, 312.5 ms LV02 File:Menulabel LV02.png
Level 3 700 slots, 437.0 ms LV03 File:Menulabel LV03.png
Level 4 900 slots, 562.5 ms LV04 File:Menulabel LV04.png
Level 5 1100 slots, 687.5 ms LV05 File:Menulabel LV05.png
Level 6 1300 slots, 812.5 ms LV06 File:Menulabel LV06.png
Level 7 1500 slots, 937.5 ms LV07 File:Menulabel LV07.png
END Image:MenulabelZZ.png
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