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Auto reconnect:
If the reader is disconnected because it is out of range or the Bluetooth device is not available, the reader will try to establish the connection during the configured time. If this time is expired, the reader stops trying. The reader will not reconnect after reading the manually disconnect label or after auto disconnection.

SET Image:MenulabelZZ.png
Disabled CA00 File:Menulabel CA00.png
1 minute CA01 File:Menulabel CA01.png
2 minutes CA02 File:Menulabel CA02.png
3 minutes CA03 File:Menulabel CA03.png
4 minutes CA04 File:Menulabel CA04.png
5 minutes CA05 File:Menulabel CA05.png
6 minutes CA06 File:Menulabel CA06.png
7 minutes CA07 File:Menulabel CA07.png
8 minutes CA08 File:Menulabel CA08.png
9 minutes CA09 File:Menulabel CA09.png
END Image:MenulabelZZ.png
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