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The baud rate is the rate at which bits are transmitted from the reader to the host, and vice versa. Both the reader and the host should be set to the same baud rate.

SET Image:MenulabelZZ.png
150 baud K0 File:Menulabel K0.png
300 baud K1 File:Menulabel K1.png
600 baud K2 File:Menulabel K2.png
1200 baud K3 File:Menulabel K3.png
2400 baud K4 File:Menulabel K4.png
4800 baud K5 File:Menulabel K5.png
9600 baud K6 File:Menulabel K6.png
19200 baud K7 File:Menulabel K7.png
38400 baud K8 File:Menulabel K8.png
57600 baud K9 File:Menulabel K9.png
33300 baud KZ File:Menulabel KZ.png
115200 baud SZ File:Menulabel SZ.png
END Image:MenulabelZZ.png
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