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This paragraph describes the specific options for a reader with an RS232 interface.

Bar code readers with an RS232 interface are normally supplied with either a DB25 or DB9 female connector. Both connectors are fitted with an external power connector. See figure 2.01 or 2.02.

File:RS232options DB25.svg

File:RS232options DB9.svg

Other connectors and/or connections are available by special order.

Pin functions as seen from the bar code reader.

Frame Ground: This is normally connected to the "chassis ground" at the host computer. In the RS232 specification the use of FG is optional.

Transmitted Data: Transmits data from the reader to the host. This connection is mandatory.

Received Data: Receives data from the host to the reader. This connection is required if you want to send commands to the bar code reader or if software handshaking or acknowledgement control is used.

Request To Send: A general purpose output to the host, used for hardware flow control. This connection is optional.

Clear To Send: A general purpose input to the bar code reader, used for hardware flow control. This connection is optional.

Signal Ground: Reference point for power supply and interface signals. This connection is mandatory.

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