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Keyboards are also different depending on country or language. Examples are the QWERTY and AZERTY keyboards. Select the same language that has been selected on your PC.

The languages supported depend on the reader model and software release. Please consult your sales office for the languages currently supported.

Opticon name command Windows name
US KE English (United states)
German KG German (Germany)
French KI French (France)
Italian OW Italian (Italy)
Spanish KJ Spanish (International Sort)
Portuguese PH Portuguese (Portugal)
Swiss (French) PL French (Switzerland)
Swiss (German) PK German (Switzerland)
Dutch PI Dutch (Netherlands)
Belgian PJ Dutch (Belgium)
Belgian (French) QF French (Belgium)
Swedish PD Swedish
Finnish PG Finnish
Danish KK Danish
Norwegian PE Norwegian (Nynorsk)
Japanese PM Japanese
Czech WF Czech
DOS ALT mode KF none
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