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This paragraph describes the options which are relevant to readers with a wedge or USB interface. The following parameters can be configured:

  • Keyboard language
  • Special options
  • Intercharacter delay

Because these options are interdependent, it is important to perform the configuration in the sequence given.

Please consult your sales office for keyboard layouts and language currently supported.

Keyboard wedge operation modes:
This mode enables or disables responses from PC wedge to the computer during booting. In normal cases, the keyboard handles the responses to the computer. The PC wedge is only listening in order to be aware of the keyboard state.

With keyboard:
Use this mode in case a keyboard is connected to the PC wedge Y-cable. The wedge is only listening in case the computer is booting or when the wedge is idle.

Without keyboard:
Use this mode in case no keyboard is connected to the PC wedge Y-cable. In some cases this mode is required in case only a PC USB keyboard is connected. If this option is enable, the computer can detect the wedge as a keyboard. In case the computer reports a keyboard error or in case no data is displayed, try this option. It is required to power OFF the PC, wait 10 seconds and power ON the PC again. Do not enable this option in case a keyboard is connected to the Y-cable.

The wedge is responding to all commands from the computer.

The "without keyboard" option is only supported for PC/AT wedges.

SET Image:MenulabelZZ.png
With keyboard KM File:Menulabel KM.png
Without keyboard KL File:Menulabel KL.png
END Image:MenulabelZZ.png
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