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With this option you can set the reader to read a single bar code type only. If you select "Code 39 only", no other codes will be read.

If you want to read Code 39 only, you read the option "Code 39 only". See figure 3.02.


If you want to read one of the special bar codes as listed in the relations table for setting of readable codes, e.g. EAN128 only, you read the option "Code 128 only" followed by "Enable EAN-128 only" from the "Options for Code 128". See figure 3.03.


SET Image:MenulabelZZ.png
All codes excl. add-on A0 File:Menulabel A0.png
Only all UPC and EAN codes J0 File:Menulabel J0.png
UPC only J1 File:Menulabel J1.png
UPC + 2 only J2 File:Menulabel J2.png
UPC + 5 only J3 File:Menulabel J3.png
EAN only J4 File:Menulabel J4.png
EAN + 2 only J5 File:Menulabel J5.png
EAN + 5 only J6 File:Menulabel J6.png
Code 39 only A2 File:Menulabel A2.png
Codabar only A3 File:Menulabel A3.png
Industrial 2of5 only J7 File:Menulabel J7.png
Interleaved 2of5 only J8 File:Menulabel J8.png
S-Code only RA File:Menulabel RA.png
Matrix 2of5 only AB File:Menulabel AB.png
IATA only A4 File:Menulabel A4.png
Code 93 only A5 File:Menulabel A5.png
Code 128 only A6 File:Menulabel A6.png
MSI/Plessey A7 File:Menulabel A7.png
Telepen only A9 File:Menulabel A9.png
UK/Plessey only A1 File:Menulabel A1.png
Tri-Optic only JD File:Menulabel JD.png
Chinese post matrix 2of5 only JE File:Menulabel JE.png
Korean Postal Authority code only JL File:Menulabel JL.png
Code 11 only BLB File:Menulabel BLB.png
RSS-14 only J9 File:Menulabel J9.png
RSS-limited only JJ File:Menulabel JJ.png
RSS-expanded only JK File:Menulabel JK.png
DataMatrix ECC000-ECC140 only BG2 File:Menulabel BG2.png
DataMatrix ECC200 only BC0 File:Menulabel BC0.png
Aztec only BC5 File:Menulabel BC5.png
Aztec only BF4 File:Menulabel BF4.png
QR Code only BC1 File:Menulabel BC1.png
Micro QR Code only D38 File:Menulabel D38.png
Maxicode BC2 File:Menulabel BC2.png
PDF417 only BC3 File:Menulabel BC3.png
MicroPDF417 only BC4 File:Menulabel BC4.png
Enable all 1D codes only BCA File:Menulabel BCA.png
Enable all 2D codes only BCB File:Menulabel BCB.png
END Image:MenulabelZZ.png
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