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The UPC-A symbology is a fixed length symbology encoding 11 data digits, a check digit and non printable start/stop characters. The following characters are supported:

  • the digits 0 up to 9

An optional leading zero can be transmitted, which together with the data and the check digit forms a 13 digit field providing compatibility with the EAN-13 format. For string format see figure 3.12.

UPC-A add-on 2/add-on 5:
The UPC-A symbology as described above can be succeeded by an additional 2 or 5 digit UPC-A code. For string format see figure 3.13.

Options for UPC-A:

  • Disable transmission of the leading zero
  • Disable transmission of the check digit



SET Image:MenulabelZZ.png
UPC-A, no leading zero, transmit CD E3 File:Menulabel E3.png
UPC-A, no leading zero, not transmit CD E5 File:Menulabel E5.png
UPC-A, leading zero, transmit CD E2 File:Menulabel E2.png
UPC-A, leading zero, not transmit CD E4 File:Menulabel E4.png
END Image:MenulabelZZ.png
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