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PDF417 is variable size multi row (stacked) symbology with selectable error correction levels.

Maximum data capacity:

  • Text compaction: 1850 characters
  • Byte compaction: 1108 characters
  • Numeric compaction: 2710 characters

Symbol size:

  • Number of rows: 3 up to 90
  • Number of columns: 1 up to 30

Error correction:
8 levels of error correction. Option for error detection only.

Additional features:

  • Extended Channel Interpretation (ECI): support for different character sets and data interpretations.
  • Macro PDF417: represent data in up to 99.999 PDF417 symbols.
  • Truncated PDF417: reduce some overhead to obtain smaller symbology size.

Support for these options is reader dependent. The supported character set and the maximum decodable number of characters, is reader dependent.

Encodable characters:

  • ASCII values 0 - 127 (ISO 646)
  • ASCII values 128 - 255 (ISO 8859-1, Latin alphabet No. 1, extended ASCII)
  • For macro PDF417: many other character sets

For string format see figure 3.45.

Options for PDF417:

  • Macro PDF417 timeout (same as Structured append time out): see read mode options.


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