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MSI Plessey is a variable length symbology with one or two optional check digit calculations CD1 and CD2 and non printable start/stop characters. The following characters are supported:

  • The digits 0 up to 9

The checksum is calculated as the sum modulo 10 or 11 of the data characters. The checksum CD2 is calculated as the sum modulo 10 or 11 of the data characters and CD1. For string format see figure 3.28.

Options for MSI/Plessey:

  • Disable check digit check
  • Selection of the check digit calculation
  • Selection of the number of check digits to be transmitted

Check digit:
If the check digit calculation is required, then the appropriate calculation method must be selected.

Not transmit CD:
The character positions CD1 and CD2 are not transmitted.

Transmit CD1:
The character position CD2 is not transmitted.

Transmit CD1 and CD2:
All characters in the label are transmitted.


SET Image:MenulabelZZ.png
Not check CD 4A File:Menulabel 4A.png
Check 1 CD = MOD 10 4B File:Menulabel 4B.png
Check 2 CDs = MOD 10/MOD 11 4C File:Menulabel 4C.png
Check 2 CDs = MOD 10/MOD 11 4D File:Menulabel 4D.png
Check 2 CDs = MOD 11/MOD 11 4R File:Menulabel 4R.png
Not transmit CD 4G File:Menulabel 4G.png
Transmit CD1 4E File:Menulabel 4E.png
Transmit CD1 and CD2 4F File:Menulabel 4F.png
END Image:MenulabelZZ.png
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