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Code 93 is a variable length symbology with 2 mandatory check digits and non printable start/stop characters. The following characters are supported:

  • the digits 0 upto 9
  • the upper case characters A upto Z
  • the characters - . $ / + % SPACE
  • 4 non printable shift characters

The first check digit (C) is the modulo 47 sum of the weighted data character values. The second check digit (K) is the modulo 47 sum of the weighted data character values including the first check digit (C). The check digits are not transmitted.

The special shift characters are control characters and are not transmitted with the data. If one of these characters is followed by an upper case character "A" upto "Z", it is transmitted as 1 single character. In case of an invalid combination, the label is rejected. This method enables support for full 128 ASCII characters encodation. The encodation is compatible with Code 39. For string format see figure 3.33.

Options for Code 93:

  • enable concatenation
  • transmission of check digits
  • calculation of check digits

If a Code 93 bar code contains a leading space, the data is stored into the reader_s buffer without the leading space. As soon as a Code 93 bar code is read without a leading space, the data is appended to the reader_s buffer and the entire buffer is transmitted and cleared for new data. In case a non Code 93 bar code is read, the data in the non-Code 93 bar code is transmitted and the buffer is cleared. The buffer size is reader dependent. Support for this option is reader dependent.


SET Image:MenulabelZZ.png
Not check CD 9Q File:Menulabel 9Q.png
Check CD AC File:Menulabel AC.png
Not transmit CD DZ File:Menulabel DZ.png
Transmit CD DY File:Menulabel DY.png
Disable concatenation +W File:Menulabel +W.png
Enable concatenation +V File:Menulabel +V.png
END Image:MenulabelZZ.png
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