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Opticon is a worldwide family of companies consisting of OPTOELECTRONICS Co., Ltd, Opticon Sensors Europe B.V., and Opticon Inc.

OPTOELECTRONICS Co., Ltd, incorporated in 1976, was one of the first companies in the world to specialize in the manufacture of barcode scanners. Since that time, this pioneering organization has evolved into a multi-faceted, international supplier of high-quality, automatic identification equipment to thousands of customers in diverse markets. Manufacture of products is managed through OPTOELECTRONICS Co., Ltd and utilizes a major, ISO-certified production facility located in Ashibetsu.

Located in the Netherlands, Opticon Sensors Europe BV is the head office for the European operations of OPTOELECTRONICS Co., Ltd which serves markets in Europe, South America, Africa, Australia and Asia. Branch organizations are located in Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Sweden, Spain, Taiwan and Australia along with trading agents in China.

The head office for Opticon, Inc. is located in Orangeburg, New York, just a half-hour up the Hudson River from New York City. Regional offices located in Seattle, Denver, Chicago, Charlotte and Boston serve customers in the United States, Canada and Mexico.


Since establishment in 1976, OPTOELECTRONICS Co., Ltd has become a top-level company in their chosen field through the development of technologies, manufacturing processes and sales channels within the global Automatic Identification market. The company is committed to growing market share further with a continuous program of innovation in all aspects of the business. It is just a matter of perspective.

New ideas are the result of taking a different perspective on everyday activity… finding a different and novel way of meeting common and ordinary customer needs. Sometimes that means also finding a unique solution to unique customer problems.

As a global supplier of automation identification equipment, Opticon is continuously focused on innovation. New product designs are introduced that not only address today’s customer needs but also leverage technology to solve projected needs and operational efficiencies. That’s why we say that Opticon is "always scanning for new ID’s", because each one identified today is a window to future opportunity.

Opticon’s recipe for success includes technological and human dimensions. Whether considering the healthcare, retail, logistic market sectors…or, taking a different perspective, the OEM and distributor/reseller channels. Opticon looks carefully at the people who are going to work with our equipment, the human factor. This perspective, along with a deep understanding of the complexities of the particular application or process, yields products matching the diverse needs of our customers.

As a result, the Opticon product is innovative, forward looking and user friendly. Perspective is everything at Opticon.

Time line activities


OPTOELECTRONICS Co., Ltd, continued to grow as a technically innovative company since its establishment in 1976. We are committed to grow further, being a value in a society, as a top class company in the auto-ID industry.


Pioneer in barcode industry:

OPTOELECTRONICS Co., Ltd, developed and sold pen type barcode readers in the beginning of barcode technology. The products were sold worldwide and Opticon Inc. was established in the United States in 1984, and Opticon Sensors Europe B.V. in the Netherlands in 1987.

Advanced technologies in times:

The barcode reading technologies were moving to self-scanning from hand-scanning around the time, when we had US and European companies. Laser scanning were getting popular in the United States and CCD image sensor in Europe. We pioneered diode based laser scanner and put CCD scanners in the market.

Enhancing sales activities:

OPTOELECTRONICS Co., Ltd, grew in sales by joining TESCO Inc., in 1993, and the sales of laser scanning engine jumped when the product was incorporated in a hand-held terminal of one of major companies.

Ever growing technical advances for new era of auto-ID:

A data collector, new concept of barcode data capturing, was selected by post offices in Europe in 2001. A two-dimensional scanner was developed in 2002. A R&D team was consolidated to the new office in 2003. OPTOELECTRONICS Co., Ltd, put Bluetooth wireless technology, Linux based hand-held terminal, and Windows based barcoding PDA in the market.

Time line technologies

Progress in technologies in barcode scanning engines OPTOELECTRONICS Co., Ltd, grew together with the technologies. It is illustrated with the progress of barcode scanning engines.

Pen type:

Pen type scanners dominated in 1970's. OPTOELECTRONICS Co., Ltd, made pen type scanner and pen type scanning module in those days.

CCD image type:

CCD type scanner was getting popular in 1980’s. OPTOELECTRONICS Co., Ltd, made CCD type scanner and CCD based scanning module. Linear CCD scanner is still popular.

Laser scanning type:

OPTOELECTRONICS Co., Ltd, continuously made an effort for high performance and miniaturizing laser scanning module since the company introduced first diode based laser scanner in 1980’s. The effort made it possible to place barcode laser scanning module in data collectors, PDA’s and small devices.

Two-dimensional image type:

OPTOELECTRONICS Co., Ltd, developed 2-D scanner in 2002. In 2004, the miniature-sized 2-D scanning engine was realized.

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