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OPR 2001
OPR 2001
Scan engine MDL 2100 / MDL 2101
Interface USB (HID/VCP), RS232, Keyboard Wedge
Software stream RBCVXXXX
Menu book Universal Menu Book

The OPR 2001 is a very slim 1-D laser based hand-held bar code reader.


Linker and Laser emulation

Starting from version RBCV0123 it is possible to use Linker and Laser emulation. This is only possible with a standard OPR-2001-USB scanner, with a standard OPR-2001-RS232 cable.

Important notes:

If the OPR-2001 is powered by the external decoder, this must be done with +5VDC. The data is transmitted at TTL level of 3,3V! Do not apply open collector voltages above 3,3VDC. Applying higher voltages (i.e 5,0VDC) can greatly reduce the lifetime of even damage the processor!

When replacing older systems that make use of an XLT, OPL6735, OPL6845 or OPL6850 please be aware that they use TTL levels of 5,0V and not 3,3V. This means that, when using 'Laser Emulation'-mode (required input), a cable modification is needed to convert 5,0V to 3,3V on the 'Laser Enable' (=input) line. Otherwise the lifetime of the processor can be greatly reduced.

However, when 'Laser Emulation'-mode is not used (=only data signal) a conversion from 3,3V to 5,0V is only required is the external decoder doesn't accept 3,3V as being 'high'.

Linker Menu codes

Non-supported linker menu codes

The following menu options are not supported:

- Send data after decode error (+C).

- Minimum number of samples(BI, BJ, BK, BL).

- TTL Idle mode: tri-state.

Supported linker menu codes

Please follow this link to see the supported linker menu options: Supported Linker Menu options

Linker and Laser emulation specifications

OPR 2001 cable specifications for linker and laser emulation

Important note:

- Linker and laser emulation on the OPR-2001 only works with the OPR-2001-USB model with a cable based on the standard OPR-2001-RS232 cable

- All output signals of the OPR-2001 are 3,3V. This is different compared to the 5V of older Opticon barcode readers like the OPL-6845 and the OPL-6735

- The maximum input signal for the OPR-2001 (Laser Enable) should be between 3,0V – 5,0V (Applying a higher voltage is at own risk)

Pin out of the OPR2001-USB with RS232 Cable

The next table shows the pin out of the OPR2001 for linker/laser emulation. The scanner is a standard OPR-2001-USB, with a standard OPR-2001-RS232 cable.

File:Pin-Out RS232 Cable OPR-2001.JPG

In the links below 3 example specifications of (adapter) cables are shown for the Percon Master BB+, the DD6000 and Cherry keyboards.

Adapter Cable OPR 2001 for Percon Master BB+

Adapter Cable OPR 2001 for DD6000 and Cherry Keyboard DB9

Adapter Cable OPR 2001 for Cherry Keyboard DIN6

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