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OPN 2001
OPN 2001
Scan engine MDL 2100
Interface USB-VCP
Software stream RBBV
Menu book

The OPN 2001 is a small reader designed for Data-Collecting purposes.


How do I upgrade the firmware?

You can find the latest firmware version on the main web site: http://www.opticon.com -> Service & Support -> Download software -> OPN 2001 -> RBBfirm.zip

Extract this zip file. This will leave you a RBBVxxyy.hex file.

Connect the OPN 2001 to the PC. Find out which COM port it has been assigned, by using the "Device Manager".

Then use the Appload application to transfer the firmware file to the OPN. Configure Appload to use the right COM port and then open the firmware file. The upgrade will now start.

The buzzer doesn't work anymore

The OPN 2001 can be configured that the buzzer can be turned on and off by using the scan button. When the scan button is held for ten seconds, the buzzer will be turned off (or on).

This feature can be disabled using the OPN's parameter "Beeper toggle" (0x55).


The reader is configurable using parameters.

Supported parameters

0x02 Buzzer volume 0: Off, 1: Loudest, ..5: Softest
0x04 Reject redundant barcode 0: all allowed, 1: not two consecutive, 2: all unique
0x05 Scan angle
0x07 Low battery indication
0x08 Code128 enable
0x09 UPC enable
0x0A Host connect beep
0x0B Host complete beep
0x0F Auto clear
0x11 Scanner ON time
0x12 Reject Instore
0x13 Aiming ON time
0x14 GS1-DataBar bit 0: Limited, bit 1: 14, bit 2: Expanded
0x1E Good decode LED duration
0x1F Code39 enable
0x21 Delete enable bit 0:All clear, bit 1: delete one, bit 2:factory defaults
0x22 Max barcode length
0x23 Store RTC
0x24 UPC-A preamble 0: Cut system ID, 1: Cut country ID, 2: AS-IS
0x25 UPC-E preamble 0: Cut system ID, 1: Cut country ID, 2: AS-IS
0x26 Scratch pad
0x29 Convert UPC-E to UPC-A
0x2A EAN8 to EAN13 conversion
0x2B UPC-A transmit CD
0x2C UPC-E transmit CD
0x2D Code39 transmit CD
0x2E Code39 check CD
0x30 UPC/EAN supp redundancy
0x34 EAN128 enable
0x35 UPC addon enable
0x36 Code39 Full ASCII enable
0x37 EAN8 to EAN13 symbology change
0x39 D2of5 enable
0x3A I2of5 enable
0x3B I2of5 length 1
0x3C I2of5 length 2
0x3D D2of5 length 1
0x3E D2of5 length 2
0x3F Convert I2of5-14 to EAN13
0x40 I2of5 transmit CD
0x41 I2of5 check CD
0x50 Customer specific mode
0x55 Toggle buzzer
0x57 Buzzer enable

Unsupported parameters

These values are read-only to maintain compatibility.

0x07 Low battery indication 3 (Indicate, but allow operations)
0x0D Baudrate 8 (9600)
0x1C Reset baud rates 1 (True)
0x1D Baud switch delay 35 (350 ms)
0x20 Comm. awake time 1 (20 ms)
0x2F UPC/EAN Security level 0
0x31 Data protection 0 (False)
0x32 Memory full indication 1 (Enabled)
0x33 Memory low indication 0 (Disabled)
0x38 Coupon code 1 (True)
0x4F ASCII mode 1 (True)
0x56 Beeper auto on after 8 hours 0 (Disabled)
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