OPL 7734

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OPL 7734
OPL 7734
Scan engine VLM 4100
Interface IEEE 802.15.4
Software stream LBHV
Menu book Universal Menu Book
MTBF 10.000 hours



OPL 7734

The OPL 7734 is a hand held wireless laser bar code reader. This reader uses IEEE 802.15.4 to communicate to its cradle or to a dongle.

How to connect to cradle

The OPL 7734 is delivered with the CRD 7734 and is used to connect the OPL 7734 to. But it is also used to charge the battery of the OPL 7734 with.
To connect the OPL 7734 to the cradle, follow these steps:
- Scan the IEEE 802.15.4 default label
- Scan the zigbee address label, on the bottom of the CRD 7734. The address label looks like a normal bar code.

After these steps the OPL 7734 should be connected to the cradle. Multiple OPL 7734 can be connected to one CDR 7734.

Outputting HID (keyboard) data

The CRD 7734 is only capable of sending out serial data.
In order to output bar codes into notepad or other text editors, you will need a program which converts serial data into HID data.
Opticon has a program available, which converts serial data to HID data. It is called OpticonRL.


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