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MDL 1000
MDL 1000
Scan engine MSL 1000
Interface CMOS/RS232 - USB-HID - USB-VCP - AT-Wedge
Software stream RBAV, RBCV
Menu book Universal Menu Book
MTBF 10.000 hours



The product name is constructed in the following way:

MDL xy0z, where:

  • x: size of the housing
  • y: (0) CMOS interface, or (1) CMOS, Keyboard wedge and USB interfaces
  • z: (0) bearings or (1) no bearings
MDL 1000
MDL 1100
MDL 2000
MDL 2100


The firmware can only be upgraded using the RS232/CMOS interface. Since RBCV0113, the MDLx100 can also be upgraded using USB-VCP.

Incorporated into the following products

MDL 1000

MDL 2000

MDL 1100

MDL 2100

MDL1000/2000 pin out for linker and laser emulation

The module should be connected as indicated below. Note that the operating voltage (VCC) is 3.3Volt.

File:MDL1000 2000 pin out for linker and laser emulation.jpg

If the MDLxx00 is powered by the external decoder, this must be done with +5VDC. The data is transmitted at TTL level of 3,3V! Do not apply open collector voltages above 3,3VDC. Applying higher voltages (i.e 5,0VDC) can greatly reduce the lifetime of even damage the processor!

Linker Menu codes

Non-supported linker menu codes

The following menu options are not supported:

- Send data after decode error (+C).

- Minimum number of samples(BI, BJ, BK, BL).

- TTL Idle mode: tri-state.

Supported linker menu codes

Please follow this link to see the supported linker menu options: Supported Linker Menu options

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