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Universal Menu Book demo application


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OPL 97xx series terminals


This application makes the OPL 97xx emulate a regular hand held bar code reader to some extend. A few exceptions are:

  • Max bar code length is 200 (since LFB23385, was 40 before that version).
  • Communication with the PC is done by NetO. The output file name is scan.txt, the terminal ID is fixed to 123456. This file is automatically deleted from the OPL after a successful transfer.
  • The communication is automatically started when the OPL 97xx is inserted in the cradle or when the "Transmit memorized data" menu label is scanned.
  • Prefix and suffix have a length upto 20 characters, there is no support for the preamble and postamble.


Supported options from the Universal Menu Book:

  • All codes that are accepted by the systemsetting() function for the OPL
  • U2, Factory default: prefix is empty, suffix is \r\n, serial communication is 19200,N,8,1.
  • Setting of prefix / suffix for each symbology, max 20 characters for prefix and suffix. All direct input characters are supported, from the direct input control characters except for the NULL and DEL characters.
  • Case conversion is supported.
  • Setting number of characters (fixed length , minimum length, maximum length) for each symbology.

Special prefix / suffix escape sequences

Special characters (escape sequences) in prefix / suffix:

Sequence Meaning
%d day
%m month
%y year (2 digits)
%Y year (4 digits)
%H hours (24 hour clock)
%M Minute
%S Seconds
%I hours (12 hour clock)
%% %

Escape sequences are the same as the C function strftime()

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