How to pair OPN2002 to my iPhone

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To make a connection between the Opticon OPN2002 and the Apple iPhone 3Gs or 4, please follow the following steps.

Configuring OPN2002

  • Make sure you've configured your OPN2002 as Bluetooth HID and don't use fixed pin reading the labels below
  • Image:BT_HID_C02.png‎ Use Bluetooth HID
  • Image:BT_-FPIN.png Use fixed PIN code as passkey

Pairing and connecting to the iPhone

  • On your iPhone go to Settings -> General -> Bluetooth and turn on the Bluetooth.

  • On the OPN 2002 hold down the small button for 5 seconds, causing the led on the scanner to start blinking blue and the scanner will become discoverable for other bluetooth devices.
  • Now the OPN should appear in the Bluetooth Devices list on the iPhone, as “Not paired”.

  • On the iPhone select the detected OPN and you are asked to enter a pin code followed by the Return key.

  • Reading the labels below, scan the 4 digits of the passkey and close by scanning the SET/END label.

Image:Direct imput numeric.JPG

  • Now the OPN 2002 status in the Bluetooth Devices list is “connected” to the iPhone:

  • Now, you can use it to scan barcodes in email, notes, applications, etc.

  • If you want to disconnect the OPN2002, you can read the label “manually disconnect” below:
  • Image:Manually disconnect.png Manually disconnect
  • Then, the status of the OPN2002 will be “Not connected” (but still paired).

  • Considering the OPN 2002 has been paired to your iPhone, it's possible to reconnect simply pressing the large button for 5 seconds: automatically the scanner will start to blink blue and then will connect to the iPhone.

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