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H 22
Scan engine MDL x000
MDI x000
OS version Windows Mobile 6.5.3
Communication Bluetooth
User expandable by Micro SDIO
Compiler suite Microsoft Embedded C++
Microsoft Visual Studio .NET

The H 22 is a product of Opticon. The product is a PDA-like device based on Windows Mobile 6.5.3, featuring a numeric or qwerty keyboard and a 3.7inches touch screen display. The A version contains a 1D laser scan engine, whereas the B version contains a 2D autofocus scan engine. Both versions contain a GSM/GPRS/UMTS/HSDPA unit inside. Additionally, a AGPS receiver and an IrDA adapter are embedded as well. The device also has a 3.2 Megapixel camera with Led Flash available on all versions.

General configuration of the device can be found at the Windows Mobile Configuration page.



Where can I find the User Manual?

You can find the User Manual in the Service And Support/Manuals section of the Opticon website, or clicking at this link.

Performing a Warm Boot ( Soft Reset ) on the H22

The Warm Boot can be performed simply pressing the Reset key, on the right side (looking at the display) of the device.

Performing a Cold Boot ( Hard Reset ) on the H22

The Cold Boot, or Factory Reset, can be done foolowing these steps:

- Power down the H22
- Turn the H22 on by simultaneously pressing the keys: BR1 + BR2 + PowerButton

BR1 is the Scan button on the left side; BR2 is the Scan button on the right side; Power is the red button on the top of the device.

WARNING: A cold boot resets the device into factory default settings.


Where can I find the SDK for H22?

The SDK for the H22 can be downloaded at this link, for free.


My SIM card is not working?

The H22 only supports USIM cards, the old standard SIM cards are not supported.

Which RFID protocols are supported by H22-RFID?

This is the list of implemented RFID protocols

- Reader/writer RFID support according ISO 15693
- Reader/writer RFID support for I-Code
- Reader/writer RFID support for ISO 14443 A/B:
- Reader/writer RFID support for Mifare Classic 1k, Classic 4k, Ultralight, DESFire 2k, 4k and 8k
- Reader/writer RFID support for FeliCa tags

Does Opticon provide an application for H-22 that can convert the RFID input to a keyboard input, so the information could be used by any software?

No, and there's a very simple reason for that. RFID Smartcards/tags in general don't just contain plain text data.

Instead an RFID smartcard/tag contains a memory and a small "cpu" or controller and there and many different kinds of such smartcards.
Some are more sofisticated than others.
E.g., some are more or less just a memory and a controller to access the data, some can even store and execute Javacard applications and thereby execute advanced operations based on input data from the host.

In addition there are several different standards for communicating with the smartcard/tag AND how the memory is is layed out.

So, H22 exposes an interface to use the RFID technology in order to build an application/solution which can read/write various types of RFID smartcards/tags.

There might very well exist RFID tags/smartcards out there where a part of the memory in these tags/smartcards contains text formatted in some way.
E.g., one such tag might be for books in libraries where the tag might have a part of the memory contain ing the book ISBN in US ASCII plain text. But this is pure speculation.

I hope this explains why an application which converts data from RFID smartcards/tags to keyboard input is (in general) not applicable.

However, if you have a specific type of RFID smartcard/tag where the data contains text and there exists a detailed specification about how the smartcard behaves,
then it's possible to write an application using the H22 RFID API to read the data from the smartcard and use as keyboard input.

Which GPS module is integrated on H22?

The GPS module is Broadcom BCN4751 AGPS module.

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