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This tool can only be used together with the H1x B units only. So to say, the tool will only work with the H 16 and H 19 units that are occupied with a 2D camera.
The tool can be used for demonstrating purposes only. The functionality of the tool is showing that the H1x B units are able to capture images using the 2D camera. The image can be displayed, or saved on the unit.


The tool

The tool to take the picture is called "Imager_Test", and should be requested at Opticon Support: support@opticon.com

The use

The TakePicture tool is a standalone application which can be executed from every place on your mobile device. It can even be executed from a storage card.

After you tapped the tool, it will show a user interface on the screen, where several settings can be entered.

1.Enable the barcode reader
2.Tap the ImgEnb button (nothing will seem to happen)
3.Enter the settings as shown on the picture. The 2 left-most values are the maximum values that can be entered.
4.Tap either GetImgDa or TakeSnap. Now, the green Aim leds will appear. Press the trigger button to take the picture.
GetImgDa: After the trigger is pressed, the photo will be saved in "/My Documents/BCR".
TakeSnap: After the trigger is pressed, the picture will appear on the screen.


It takes time to transfer the picture from the scan engine to the OS. This depends on the amount of data needed to be transferred. If the settings are the same as in the picture, it takes about 10 seconds.

I cannot see the aiming leds!

This might be caused because 1 or more of the settings is not accepted. Either the size is too large, or the other settings are wrong. Check the settings once more. To be sure, you can always test with a size of 150 * 150.

If the settings are correct, and still it does not work, check if the barcode reader is enabled, and tap "ImgEnb" once more, and try "TakeSnap" again.

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