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Loads operating systems (OS) and applications on terminals, barcode readers (and cradles).
Supported hardware Appload supports the following hardware models:
Hardware model OS Application
OPH 1004 & H 13 XBCVxxxx.HEX XFCxxxxx.HEX
OPH 1003 XBAVxxxx.HEX XFAxxxxx.HEX
DCL 1530 LBKVxxxx.S32 LFBxxxxx.S32
DCL 1538 LBNVxxxx.S32 LFBxxxxx.S32
DWT 7133 CBQVxxxx.S2 CFQxxxxx.S2
OPL 2724 LBQVxxxx.S32 -
OPL 9712 LBOVxxxx.S32 LFBxxxxx.S32
OPL 9713 LBPVxxxx.S32 LFBxxxxx.S32
OPL 9723 LBBVxxxx.S32 LFBxxxxx.S32
OPL 9723R LBRVxxxx.S32 LFBxxxxx.S32
OPL 9724 LBCVxxxx.S32 LFBxxxxx.S32
OPL 9725 LBBVxxxx.S32 LFBxxxxx.S32
OPL 9726 LBBVxxxx.S32 LFBxxxxx.S32
OPL 9727 LBBVxxxx.S32 LFBxxxxx.S32
OPL 9728 LBDVxxxx.S32 LFBxxxxx.S32
PHL 1300 CBXVxxxx.HEX CFXxxxxx.S2
PHL 1700 1MB CBGVxxxx.HEX CFGxxxxx.S2
PHL 1700 2MB CBHVxxxx.HEX CFHxxxxx.S2
PHL 2700 CBWVxxxx.HEX CFWxxxxx.S2
OPL 7724 LBEVxxxx.S32 -
CRD 7724 RD13Jxx.S32 (or NACVxxxx.S32) -
OPL 7734 LBHVxxxx.S32 -
RFS 6000 IBBVxxxx.S2 -
Description of the available options:
File Description
Download Here you select the application or OS to download to the selected terminal. Downloading starts immediatly after selecting the file.
Download again Downloading the previously selected OS or application again.
Exit Quit the appload application.

Utilities Description
Show RS232 data Open terminal window to test communication with terminal.
Show software versions Appload tries to make contact to terminal to get the OS version and ROM version of the terminal.
Send time Change the terminal current time to the PC current time.

Settings Description
Port The current used serial COM port for communication.
IrDA adapter Used when a serial adapter is connected to the PC or used with some autobaud mode cradles.
Initial directory The initial directory when selecting a new application or OS.

About Description
About Shows the current version of appload.
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