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The CRD 3101 RU is a cradle for the OPR 3101 series data collectors.

Power supply

The CRD 3101 RU requires an external power supply, rated at 6V 2A.

The communication part of the CRD 3101 RU can be powered by USB only. However, it will not charge the battery of the OPR 3101 inside the cradle.


The CRD 3101 RU can communicate with the OPR 3101 using Bluetooth.

The CRD 3101 RU communicates with the host using RS232C or USB-HID. For the USB interface no drivers are required. These drivers are integrated in the computer's Operating System.


The CRD 3101 RU can be configured using DIP switches below the device.

DIP switchFunctionONOFFFactory defaults
1 Reserved OFF
2 SecurityNo securityApply securityOFF
3 ProtocolPlain textProtocol activeOFF
4 DTR detectionDTR inhibitDTR requiredON
5 InitializeFactory defaultsRestore previous settingsOFF
6 Download modeNormal operationForce download modeON
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