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ActiveSync is a Microsoft tool to connect a Windows based PDA/handhald device to a PC. It can freely be downloaded. Windows Vista contains it's own synchronisation tool, called Windows Mobile Device Center.

I cannot install ActiveSync 4.5! It says, “Installation interrupted”.

You should run “c:\windows\system32\fixmapi.exe”. The mapi settings are corrupted by Thunderbird or Mozilla.

Using ActiveSync 4.5, I get an "unknown device" message when connecting a Windows Mobile device to the PC.

Please check if the is connected to the PC via a USB hub. This may cause delays, which the ActiveSync protocol is not able to handle always.
Try to connect the USB cable directly to the PC.

If the problem persists, try to change the "USB to PC" setting at start > settings > connections > USB to PC, and try connecting the Windows Mobile device again.

I have trouble connecting two devices at the same time to one PC!

This is regretfully not possible. The synchronisation protocol is only able to handle one connected device at a time.

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